At FireStar Group, LLC we specialize in capitalizing on unique emerging markets (growth markets) and equitable properties throughout the United States.  We thoroughly examine markets and properties that meet our high standards for investment returns and meet our acquisition criteria. When a market and property is identified we provide the following services to facilitate acquisition:
  • Analysis of market trends, employment figures, building activity, and demographic characteristics of the chosen market
  • Negotiate a favorable contract for Purchase and Sale
  • Verify the financial records and information provided by the seller
  • Physically inspect the property and perform all due diligence
  • Perform all legal due diligence for the specific property
  • Prepare property information packets for investor-partners and lenders
  • Facilitate all activities needed for lender financing and approvals
  • Retain legal counsel for proper preparation of all investment documents
  • Establish property management for the acquired property
  • Retain or establish all ancillary services, i.e. legal, maintenance, landscaping, cable, etc.
  • Provide ongoing analysis of the property, market, and timing for refinance or divestment
  • Oversee the day to day operations of the property via the contracted management company
  • Provide quarterly statements and communications about the property
  • Oversee of all phases of a project from acquisition to divestment