Thank you for taking your time to visit our website.  FireStar Group, LLC is a privately held investment firm that acquires and oversees the asset management of our investments in multi-family & self-storage units throughout the United States.  We focus on income producing opportunities that yield passive cash flow and high yield longer term capital appreciation.  Our target properties are primarily B & C class properties in emerging markets.  We represent over 37 years of combined real estate experience with a reputation built upon honesty, integrity, ethics, conservatism, responsibility, and specific attention to details.  
We believe the U.S. marketplace is about to experience one of the largest growth cycles in multi-family and self-storage rentals in recent history.  The recent "housing crisis" and the overall economic downturn has created a huge slowdown in the construction and development industries.  This virtual "stand still" in construction (especially housing) has been caused by the near impossibility to obtain financing.  Likewise, these dramatic changes in the credit markets have made it much more difficult for many individuals to qualify for a mortgage.  This lag in construction and tighter lending environment is expected to last for several years.  Add to this equation the growing U.S. population and the "coming of age" of the Echo-Boomers (the kids of the Baby Boomers which are estimated to number well over 80 million and are just beginning to graduate from college) and you have a recipe for demand in rental housing and storage without an adequate supply of inventory!
We have put into motion our experience to identify and act quickly when we locate an ideal opportunity to acquire a premier asset in a prime location at a substantial discount to replacement values.  We are actively purchasing stabilized properties which can generate high yield passive cash flows.  We use conservative criteria to identify our investment opportunities and are always actively seeking qualified investor-partners who are interested in investing in our opportunities.  We offer our investor-partners a passive equity position, high yield cash flow, and full participation in the strong back end/exit strategies implemented in our acquisitions.  If you would be interested in investing with us please submit your initial information on the Investor-Partner link page of this website.
If you have a property that you would like us to consider purchasing from you, please send your e-mail to Alan Kuatt at or contact him directly at 772-205-5616.  (Please refer to our acquisition criteria page for information regarding the general criteria we look for when considering a property for purchase.)